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Guns of Icarus Online: Before and After

I wanted to show a quick little series of screencaps I shot this weekend while playing Guns of Icarus with my good friend Nico. I’ll keep the commentary short and sweet, I┬ápromise.


I’m playing a gunner on a Pyramidion-class airship, which is one of my favorites. The particular gun I’m manning is a Whirlwind Gatling Gun – again, one of my favorites. I’ve just opened fire on a Junker-class airship called ‘The Ornery Pug’.


The Pug is taking some big hits. Notice the smoke trails coming from the upper left side of the screen? Those are explosive rounds from a Scylla Double-Barreled Mortar Cannon. That’s gonna hurt…


The end is nigh for the Pug. We’ve got a number of secondary explosions going on, and it was just a few seconds after that the ship was destroyed – score one for our team. This kill scored the win for our side as we absolutely crushed our opponents 7-0.

(Have I mentioned that I love this game and it’s available on Steam for $5? I have? Oh…boy is my face red…)


And finally, a vanity shot of the winning crew of the Comet. There’s a lot of character customization available, as you can see. My character is on the right with the gray cap, green steampunk eyepatch, and blue coat.

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