Cheeves! (Episode 5)

cheeveOne of my favorite podcasts of all time, A Casual Stroll to Mordor, used to do a segment where they invited their listeners to write in or post comments on their site announcing what achievements they’d made both in Lord of the Rings Online and later in any MMO. We want to do the same. In a new segment we’re going to run called ‘Cheeves’, we’ll congratulate everyone who either writes in or posts a comment on this post. A few days before every show, you’ll see a blog post entitled ‘Cheeves’ along with the forthcoming episode. We invite all of you to let us know what you’ve achieved in Wizard101, Pirate101, and Beyond the Spiral, and give us the opportunity to let everyone in our community know about your achievement!

5 thoughts on “Cheeves! (Episode 5)

  1. I suppose grouping up with some wonderful friends and defeating Malistaire could count. Finaly being able to upgrade and purchase a tier 4 heavy fighter as well. If you really want to get in detail, I’ve started putting together a great team of Pokemon and have hatched the perfect one to start with. Only five more to go.

  2. What have I been up to lately? Easy! Got my Obelisk Carrier for my main toon in Star Trek Online (review of new content forthcoming, as soon as possible!) and have entered the Dyson Sphere! Our fleet also just upgraded to a Tier 2 Embassy.

  3. So Ditto had a big week in Wizard101 – with the help of some great in-game friends, we made our way through Mirror Lake in Zafaria! We fought these spooky ghost warriors, and giant bugs, then then spiders – oh how Ditto hates spiders! Of course after all that, Morganthe got away and Ditto had to do MORE quests to finally reach AVALON!! It was very exciting and Ditto is so happy when he reaches a new world!
    Beyond the Spiral I started playing a new iOS game called CSR Classics, where you fix up old muscle cars and race ’em! I fixed up an old Impala (the same car Dean drives on Supernatural) and not only did I beat the first tier boss, I raced him for pink slips and won his car! Nobody messes with the Impala…

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