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Weekly Status Report

question mark blockThere comes a point in human events where one takes a little break from blog posting and must attend to really dumb RL stuff. However, I wanted to pipe up and touch base with you all – give a little SR101 recap and hit the high notes on what we’re up to and what’s going on in gameland.

First off, Chris very adroitly edited Spiral Radio101 episode 4, which you can stream or download from the site, or bring it right down to your computer or iWhatever from iTunes. Incidentally, we’re working on getting set up with some other podcast distribution networks – stay tuned.

While we’re talking about episode 4, you’ll want to make sure you enter our latest contest! We’re giving away oodles of KI Crowns (that’s a technical term), and who can’t use some Crowns?

If you’re particularly flush, or perhaps you’ve got a friend or family member who owes you one, now is the time to collect. The Hive Bundle for Wizard101 and the Empire Bundle for Pirate101 are both available with lots of gear, new homes, new mounts, new pets, and a pocketful of Crowns.

Looking elsewhere? Check out the launch of World of Warplanes (did you think you had escaped???) or the newest expansion of Lord of the Rings Online, Helm’s Deep.

As for our crew, Christina and I both destroyed the big bad in World of Warcraft, thrashing Garrosh Hellscream along with 23 total strangers (and there was much rejoicing). Honestly though, it was, far and away, the best designed fight I’ve played in an MMORPG. It was challenging, imaginitive, captivating, fun, and had a fantastic cut-scene payoff at the end. Nicely done.

(While we’re at it. Raiding in Wizard101. It should be a thing.)

Our merry band spent a lot of time in Wizard101 as well; my Diviner is ready for Malistaire, which I believe we’ll attempt this weekend. The time we spent in Wizard101 has me hankering to play some more Pirate101 in the not-too-distant future; I think my hiatus from Skull Island has perhaps lasted long enough.

I’ve pressed Jeff into service as my wingman on more than one occasion in World of Warplanes, I know he’s also spending a great deal of time in Lord of the Rings Online. The two of us also dragged Tracy and her lad into Warplanes with us. I think it was a little difficult at first, but it seemed like she was getting the hang of it after a few hours of play.

I’m going to drag a review out of John about the new Star Trek Online expansion – stay tuned.

As for streaming, I’m all but certain we’ll stream the Malistaire run. Most likely Saturday afternoon – stay tuned to our Twitter feed for all the details.

So what have you been playing these past seven days? Made any big achievements you want the world to know about? Comment here and let us know!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Status Report

  1. I recently restarted 3 level 80 wizards that I had because I was not happy and now they’re all level 5. (Is that an achievement?) I am also happy because my pet projects are picking up again, I love to be kept busy. 😀 Also, I persuaded one of my best friends to start gardening when she originally hated it! (YAY! :D)
    I look forward to the live stream (please don’t clash with Doctor Who because I have priorities, sorry!)

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