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The Cost of Experience

I’ve been playing my storm wizard a bit lately, and even with friends helping out it’s still a grind, and rarely a fun one. It got me to thinking about how other games circumvent this with alts, and one way KI might do it that would definitely make waves on both sides of the issue.

In many games there are ways to either more quickly grind that experience, skipping the questing grind (usually by PvP action or running group content like dungeons), or even skip it entirely. Tera will just give you a character at max level; World of Warcraft’s “Scroll of Resurrection” program will give the potential new WoW player a character just ten levels shy of max. Could Wizard 101 do this?

I’m thinking with a pretty significant Crowns cost, perhaps 10,000, a character could jump past the first 49 levels and start at 50, just after completing Mallistaire. The new character would start with some decent gear, a nice pet, and a little gold. There would have to be some limitations, of course. I’m thinking a character that takes advantage of this must belong to an account that already has a level 50+ character, and it could only be taken advantage of by a subscriber or someone who has bought all of the ‘main quest’ areas of Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, and Dragonspyre.

So what do you think? Is this a terrible idea that pushes Wizard101 well into the realm of ‘pay-to-win’ or would this be a reasonable way for people to get past the low-level grinds and into the exciting newer content more quickly?

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