Wizard Talking Winners!

After much wizard-style hemming and hawing, we’ve picked the five winners in our ‘Talk Like a Wizard’ contest! Here we go!

Steven Owlrider

Steven delved into the realm of creative high fantasy, penning a short story containing banter between two archmages. Great stuff!

Allison Ghostdreamer

Allison creates her own wizard swears on the fly. Terms like, “Schnoodle-noodles!” and “Gama-shama!” are in her wizard’s vernacular.

Corwin Mythcrafter

Corwin uses one of my favorite phrases of all time, “Hammer Time!” when dropping the proverbial arcane hammer on his foes.

Alexander Lionheart

Alexander, well known in the Ravenwood world for his puns, offered “Hey there fellow Thaumaturge, its ICE of you to drop by!”

Gabriel Spiritblade

Gabriel got a little spooky with his, a little Dark Knight meets Wizard 101: “I am Gabriel SpiritBlade, the Dark Night and all who dare challenge me, shall fall at my hands and see the meaning of true power, see what magic really is. I am Gabriel SpiritBlade, the Dark Knight, I am Death.”

Heavy stuff.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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