Blog Contest WINNERS!

pirates-treasureI know, I know, I said I was just going to post winners on Twitter. The thing is, I got to thinking about it and I wanted to not only announce who won, but what blogs they loved! Soooooo…winners after the jump.

Michael Wildflame – Legends of the Spiral (

Isabella Starfountain – Frostcaller’s Blog (

Lucas Dragonslinger – DittoMonster (

Aaron – Spiral Radio101 ( (thanks, Aaron!)

Maria Darkblood – Duelist101 (

Charming Arthur Burton – Valerian’s School for Wayward Wizards (

Jason Strong – Duelist101

Donna Moonriver – Paige’s Page (

Scott SkyCoin – Duelist101

Andrew Darkflame – Frostcaller’s Blog

Keep in mind, this is a very small list of all the entries we received, and there were A LOT of other blogs mentioned. I’ll figure out a way to announce them all in a future post, but, for now, congrats to the winners and THANK YOU to all of our KI bloggers – you guys will always be our heroes. 🙂

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