Happy Birthday, Wizard101! CONTEST ENDED

Best-birthday-images-for-her-1NINE YEARS??? It’s hard to believe Wizard101 has been around nine years. Think of all that’s happened in the game, heck, in your life in the last nine years! And KI’s been plugging away with Wizard101 all that time. It seems like, well, it seems like a great cause to look back over our time in Wizard101…and maybe give away some stuff while we’re at it.

I look back over my time in Wizard101 and there are SO MANY memorable things I’ve done. The first Ravenwood Radio, the first RR afterparty, meeting some of the KI staff in Austin back at GDC in 2011 – just so many things I’ve done that have all been at least tangentially related to Wizard101. There’s one memory, however, that sticks out:

Some of you may not have been around for it, but once upon a time Friendly, Fallon Shadowblade, Leesha and I took on Malistaire in a livestreamed event. It was the first time I’d ever streamed something like that, and I had a fantastic time with the three of them defeating Malistaire and “finishing” that content. Since then I’ve done so many of those types of events in Wizard and Pirate and other games, but that was the first, and I’ll never forget it.

To celebrate Wizard101’s 9th birthday we’re going to give away nine prizes over the next seven days. Starting tomorrow (Thursday, September 21) we’ll be giving away a prize every day (and two on Friday, Saturday and Sunday). All you’ve got to do is e-mail us at spiralradio101@gmail.com with a brief description of your favorite Wizard101 memory over the past nine years. Use the subject HAPPY BIRTHDAY and get your entry in ASAP! The earlier your entry is in, the earlier it will be considered in the daily drawing. You only need to enter ONCE – we’ll toss out any duplicates.

So what are we giving away? Prizes will be randomly selected, but could include a random mount, a random Beckett wand (which can’t be obtained through any other means), 2500 Crowns, 25,000 Crowns, or the BIG prize of 50,000 crowns…that’s a lot of Jabari hires. Prizes will be announced on Twitter and winners will receive an e-mail with their prize code.

The first prize goes out tomorrow morning, so enter now!

EDIT: Looks like I forgot to include this – make sure you include your Wizard name!

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Wizard101! CONTEST ENDED

  1. The live show will be two late at night for me to attend but I will definitely check it out once the download is available.
    Looking forward to hearing some interesting memories from you guys. Hopefully, there will be some guest speakers too 🙂

    • I’m sorry, given our time constraints we announce our winners by posting them on Twitter and e-mailing the winners. Our Twitter feed is posted on our web site, so having your own Twitter feed isn’t necessary.

  2. It would save everyone time to announce winners in each place the contest was held. Again, I have no idea how to find your twitter page. I found what I thought was it but no idea how to navigate to find said winners. At the very least, put the Twitter feed link here so it’s a simple click for anyone else not knowing how to find it. It would be much faster this way, trust me. lol Were the winners announced yet? Thanks for the contest nonetheless.

    • Your suggestion about including the Twitter link in the post is a good one which I think I’ll use in the future – thanks. You can always find it right on the front page of the web site on the right hand side.

      Winners have been announced and all have been notified. Thanks again for the feedback.

  3. Hi again,
    I’m still not able to find it. I searched just about everywhere on the site. Might you make an exception and put a link to winner’s lists in a Reply here? Thanks again! 😀

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