Top 5 Contest – The Big Winner!

fiveAnd there’s just one more prize to give away, but it’s a big one. 10,000 Crowns and a cute pair of goat horns to one lucky listener. Exciting times, right? The winner and their top 5 right after the jump…

The big winner is Keena Nighthunter! Keena keeps it simple in her top 5, listing her favorite game in the top three slots:

1. Wizard101
2. Wizard101
3. Wizard101
4. Pirate101
5. Toontown Rewritten
And that’s all of them! Congratulations, Keena and congratulations to all of our winners! We’ll do a little breakdown chart of every game that appeared on our top five real soon, but until then, thanks very much for entering the contest and be sure you check out episode 68, recording live TOMORROW, January 11, at 8:45pm over at


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