Top 5 Winner #3, #4, #5!

fiveOkay, I got a little behind here so it’s time to put the pedal down and catch up! Let’s cover winners three through five right now:



Winner #3 is Richard Stone! Here’s Richard’s top 5 of 2016:

5.NBA Live 2K14
4.PES 16
3.Manhunt 2
1.WWE 2K16

#4 is Kristof! Kristof’s top 5 goes like this:

#5 Wizard101
#4 Skyrim
#3 Half-Life 2
#2 Overwatch
#1 Tetris

Annnnnd #5 is Alexander Lionheart! Alexander’s top 5, coming right up:

Wizard 101
Pirate  101
Bushwhackers 2
Crimnal  Case
Northern Saga
Congrats to Richard, Kristof, and Alexander! We’ll be back on schedule with winner number six tomorrow – have a great weekend!

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