Thanksgiving Contest Winners – Day 7

winnerAnd just like that, this little turkey-fueled adventure is over. Just two more names to announce before this contest is over. The good news is that we’re gonna do it allllllll over again in episode 65! Be sure you tune in Wednesday, November 30 right here at or over at our Twitch channel to join us at 8:45pm Central time, or download the podcast after. This time we’re gonna do it Pirate101 style, with a great bundle and LOTS of crowns to give away.

With that, here are the last two winners in the Thanksgiving Contest…

Fred Boom – Nightmare Pack / Harrowing Nightmare Pack

Jack – Nightmare Pack / Harrowing Nightmare Pack

So…why did we have the secret little code word? If you listened to the podcast, you know we strongly recommended including the word turkey in your contest entry. If you sent in an entry with the code word, you were effectively entered twice in the contest. We’ll be doing the same thing with this episode, so if you want to double your chances of winning, you’ve gotta either join us live or download/stream the show once it’s posted.

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