Spiral Radio101 #56 – ‘Welcome to Twitch!’

Spiral Radio101 episode 56 ‘Welcome to Twitch!’ is NOW AVAILABLE! Download it now from iTunes, Stitcher Radio, the SR101 RSS feed, or just CLICK RIGHT HERE!

Contest information after the jump…

I was really worried about Pirate101 for a while. I mean I was actually wondering if the game was headed for that otherworldly realm populated by City of Heroes, Warhammer Online, and Star Wars Galaxies, so I was thrilled (and relieved) to hear that absolutely wasn’t the case and that new stuff is coming out this summer.

So if you’re a Pirate101 player, and I’m guessing some of y’all are, what are you doing to get ready for the expansion? Pet training? PvP? Scrip farming? Leveling an alt? What will you be doing before we set sail on Valencia part 2. Shoot us an e-mail at with the subject PIRATE CONTEST and let us know what you’re doing to get ready! We’re going to pick four at random and each winner will win both a Stormtiger Shark Pet and a Huggle Hoggle Pet for Pirate101. Get your entry in by Wednesday, May 18 at 12:01am Central and please include your community name! Good luck!

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