Spiral Radio101 #45 – ‘Ski-Doo Confirmed!’ – CONTEST BELOW!

Spiral Radio101 episode 45 is ready for your consumption! Download it now on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or RIGHT HERE!

Halloweenfest 2015 in Wizard101

Catch the Fall Foliage Fish!

Ski-Doo (AKA Polaris) confirmed!

Orsinium DLC announced for Elder Scrolls Online

New Update for Star Wars: the Old Republic

Wildstar goes Free-to-Play as Wildstar Reloaded

Halloween DLC for Rocket League

Halloween comes to Pirate101


I think it’s safe for me to say we all want new Pirate content. Even if you’re not a Pirate101 gamer, I’m pretty sure you’d like your fellow KI enthusiasts who enjoy Pirate to have a little something new. Wizard101 is in this beautiful time of feast and merriment…Pirate…less so. But the thing is, that game is AWESOME. It has fantastic gameplay, a great storyline, very cool visuals, captivating and funny characters, and is just darn fun. Want to know how you could maybe help move things along in the Pirate101 Skyway? Go enjoy Halloween on Skull Island! Send a screenshot of you enjoying a little Halloween on Skull Island to spiralradio101@gmail.com with the subject line PIRATE CONTEST, and we just might make it worth your while. Wear a costume, dance amongst the spooky decor, show off a little Pirate spirit…pun totally intended.

We’ll pick our three favorite pictures, and each of those will win a Pirate101 Smuggler’s Cove House (with a housing space elixir) and 5,000 Crowns to help you furnish it a bit. We’ll also pick five entries at random, and those folks will each win a Pirate101 Octoberpus pet. Deadline for entry is 12:01am Central on Wednesday, October 21. Good luck and be sure to include your wizard/pirate name!

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