Spiral Radio101 #44 – ‘Stephen vs Sound’

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(Show notes and contest information below…)

Wizard101 teasing a new world!

Nintendo and Niantic Labs teaming up for Pokemon GO

EA released FIFA 16 with a free demo available!

Minecraft Story Mode episode 1 to be released October 13

Skyforge soon to release Aelion’s Call update

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You guys have probably sussed out that we all quest a good bit together. Recently, Jeff, Chris, Blaze Boombloom and myself have been running a lot of the one-time gauntlets and having a fantastic time. One thing we’re fond of doing is trash talking the mobs. For example, anytime a mob uses a one-pip spell, Christina will type in chat, “Unicorn Way called, they want their spell back.” Occasionally, after a mob casts just about any spell, I’ll call them a ‘Tempest noob’ or a ‘shield noob’ or a ‘efreet noob’ – it’s not all that imaginative. We shoot screencaps of these and post them on Twitter.

Do any of you guys do this? We’d love to see it if you do, and we’re willing to reward you for it! Shoot a screencap of yourself talking a little trash to an NPC mob and send it to spiralradio101@gmail.com with the subject TRASH CONTEST before 12:01AM Central on Wednesday, October 7. Now, keep it clean and fun – we’re not looking for anything offensive…mostly things that will make us grin. Also, this is for combat against NPC mobs only – trash talking in PvP isn’t very sportsmanlike. We’ll pick our 2 favorites and each one will win 10,000 Crowns! We’ll also pick five at random and each will win 5,000 Crowns. Good luck, and be sure to include your wizard name!

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