‘Remember That Time When…’

A lot of great stories and shared gaming experiences start with these simple words. “Remember that time when we defeated that boss and you had one health left?” or maybe¬†“Remember that time when you accidentally started the battle while everyone else was AFK?” I’ll bet that after reading just those two examples, you had one of your own spring to mind.

And that’s where our new segment starts – I’m hoping you’ll help us out.

Starting with episode 44, Spiral Radio101 will be adding a new segment called ‘Remember That Time When’. RTTW will be a forum for Christina, myself, our crew, and (I hope) our listeners to share some of their gaming stories, both in the Spiral and beyond.

So e-mail your stories to spiralradio101@gmail.com and tell us your ‘Remember That Time When’ experience! We may limit the segment to two or three stories per show, but we’ll share just about every one we get eventually. And, for the time being, we’ll make it worth your while.

To thank everyone who contributes and helps us get this segment off the ground, we’ll send out a small thank you gift for your submission. It might be a small handful of crowns, might be a pet, might be a wand – we’ll grab a little something from our prize closet and send that out to express our gratitude for sharing that with us. Now your story has to have a little substance to it – we’re not going to reward someone who mails in, “One time I killed Malistaire. It was pretty rad.”

That’s a limited time offer, and we’ll be sure to let you all know when we’re no longer sending out small tokens of our esteem. Eventually I hope folks will share those stories because we’re gamers – and one of the things that bonds us all is our love of talking about our hobby.

* Don’t worry about a special subject or anything like that, but do include your community name.



One thought on “‘Remember That Time When…’

  1. I remember fondly the first time I ever played Wizard101. Because I’m a school teacher in real life I had been discouraging my third graders who played games. Then one of my student said “Have you tried playing a game online?” I said “no.” He quickly reminded me that I had told them to be curious and imaginative and suggested I try it just once. I said “Fine, what game do you suggest?” He said “You have to try Wizard101.” I went home that evening, downloaded the game and five years later or has it been six, well I’m still playing. I remember vividly that little myth wizard I created and when I got my first home-my cute dorm and decorating it. I now have twelve homes and I spend so much time decorating and having friends over. My funniest thoughts go back to when I was first battling and I cast prism after prism on bosses. It didn’t matter what school they were from because I was a noob and didn’t know what a prism was for. I remember being wowed on unicorn lane as 3 upper level wizards came into my battle and used storm lord. Wow! What a spell it was! As for choosing study time for students over playing Wizard101, we now combine learning with fun. Along with their regular homework I give the students suggestions if they play the game. I ask students to build arrays out of their gardens. To work on statistics and percentages with their clothing. And as for reading and writing they are learning to type and read dialogue. They always do their homework, but they limit their gaming time wisely. Playing Wizard101 is relaxing for me. It’s an outlet for a sometimes difficult day and my husband and I unwind for a few hours on the weekend decorating and battling for drops, and helping other wizards along the way. I’ve never played any other game except for Wizard101 and Pirate101. I’m too busy in real life and I have been so happy on Wizard101. Whenever I go to the commons and hear that music I think back fondly to my first wizard and walking on those cobblestone roads of magic and remember my words to my students “What is life without curiosity, friends, and imagination.” Wizard101 has given me all of these things and more. Thank you.

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