‘Remember That Time When…’


A lot of great stories and shared gaming experiences start with these simple words. “Remember that time when we defeated that boss and you had one health left?” or maybe “Remember that time when you accidentally started the battle while everyone else was AFK?” I’ll bet that after reading just those two examples, you had one of your own spring to mind.

And that’s where our new segment starts – I’m hoping you’ll help us out.

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Spiral Radio101 #43 – ‘The Lost Episode’


I’m afraid there’s not really an episode here; sadly, the audio for it was absolute trash. I have to claim responsibility for it, a setting on my microphone was way, way off, and it just destroyed the audio. 🙁 So episode 43 will go down in history as ‘The Lost Episode’. It was recorded, and a special few joined us for the live recording, but that audio will never see the light of day.

We’ll be back for episode 44 Wednesday, September 23 at 8:45pm Central – join us right here at spiralradio101.com!


Seven Years of Wizard101



icon_r1_400x400In case you weren’t aware, we’re right on the eve of the seventh birthday of Wizard101! The Spiral officially came to life for wizards from sea to shining sea on September 2, 2008 and KingsIsle has never looked back. SpiralRadio101’s own Christina wrote a fantastic retrospective of the past seven years in Wizard for MMORPG.com, and if you logged into Wizard today, you saw the article featured on the launcher!

We highly recommend going and checking out Chris’ great article and maybe leaving a little comment on it – let the folks at MMORPG.com hear about your memories from the last seven years and make sure they hear loud and clear that Wizard101 is big news; they need to be covering it on the same level as those other MMOs.