Casting Avery – CONTEST

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Everyone likes Captain Avery. He’s a good sort, but definitely has an edge to him. He seems like he’s got your interest at heart, but he’s always looking out for number one. He’s just one of the most awesome characters in Pirate101. So let’s say you’re a big Hollywood producer, a big hotshot, and you’ve got a lot of money to make a Pirate101 motion picture. Who do you cast as Captain Avery? And would you like to win some Pirate-y goodies for making that choice?

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No Live Show March 4!


I’m sorry everyone, but we’re going to have to cancel the live recording of Episode 30 of Spiral Radio101 due to a family situation. Christina and I will record a show in the studio Thursday night and make it available for download shortly thereafter.

Believe me, we’re just as unhappy about this as you are, if not more. 🙁 Thank you for your understanding and your patience.