Fire the Guns! (of Icarus Online)

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Steampunk is huge. With its gears and its goggles and its steam driven clockwork technology it’s this wonderful hybrid of science-fiction and history that really draws people (including just about every member of the Spiral Radio101 staff). Steampunk’s younger brother is a subgenre called Dieselpunk, and the union of the two genres is where we find this gem of an indie game called Guns of Icarus Online.

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These Troubled Codes…

Ho ho ho, everyone! We’ve just received word KingsIsle is having a little trouble with selected prize codes – if you’ve received a prize code from Spiral Radio101 in the past few weeks and it has failed to work, please contact with the code and they’ll get things straightened out. Thanks and we’re sorry for any inconvenience! Happy Holidays!

What’s Next?


tinfoilDo you all remember when Pirate101 was announced? Aside from the fact that KingsIsle dropped some knowledge about this awesome new game we’d be playing a few months down the line, they confessed that our KI gaming didn’t stop with Pirates. Oh no, there are multiple other game concepts in the hopper, a couple different MMORPG worlds looking for heroes.

I say it’s time to don our tin foil hats, light some creative fires, and think about exactly what the heck they were talking about…

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