What’s in a Game? Introduction Post!


Hey gang! I’m here with some super exciting news.  I’ll be doing a bi-weekly column here on spiralradio101.com, publishing on Wednesdays we don’t have a live show!  Sounds like fun, right?  Right.  I knew you’d be on board.  What can you expect from a column from me?  Well, I’m here to break it down before we tread in these uncharted waters.  It’ll be an adventure for all of us.

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Spiral Radio101 Episode 5

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Well we hemmed and we hawed and finally we decided we’ve got enough time between Thanksgiving preparations to do a live show! I hope you’ll join us Wednesday, November 27, 8:45pm Central, for Spiral Radio101 LIVE at spiralradio101.com. Just hit the LISTEN LIVE! link up to to hop in the chat room and experience the live recording of the fifth episode of our podcast.

And if you can’t, no worries! We’ll post the recorded version in a few days on iTunes and right here on the website.

Cheeves! (Episode 5)


cheeveOne of my favorite podcasts of all time, A Casual Stroll to Mordor, used to do a segment where they invited their listeners to write in or post comments on their site announcing what achievements they’d made both in Lord of the Rings Online and later in any MMO. We want to do the same. In a new segment we’re going to run called ‘Cheeves’, we’ll congratulate everyone who either writes in or posts a comment on this post. A few days before every show, you’ll see a blog post entitled ‘Cheeves’ along with the forthcoming episode. We invite all of you to let us know what you’ve achieved in Wizard101, Pirate101, and Beyond the Spiral, and give us the opportunity to let everyone in our community know about your achievement!