What’s In a Game? Runescape!


It really was inevitable, friends.  The time has come for me to discuss my first foray into MMORPG gaming.  In a way, I owe Runescape a lot. Without it, I don’t know if I would have tried any other online games or simply gone back to Pokemon.  For those of you who are unaware, Runescape is a browser based MMORPG.  There are no classes, races, or professions; it is entirely open ended. You are a human in a time where the gods have returned to the land, often learning about intricate lore and trying to discern your place while trying not to be killed by angering the wrong one.

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What’s in a Game? Holiday Events!


Hey gang, sorry about the unannounced (and unexpected) hiatus.  It’s been a while, eh?  The good news is I’m back and better than ever.  I thought we’d kick off the first time back with a fun little take on holiday events in MMOs. I’m breaking down my game experiences with holiday events by game, leading up to the one game that I don’t think can be topped in terms of stellar events, and then I’ll let you use the comments to share some of your experiences!  Expect to hear more about the grandfather of good holiday events in a coming installment. 

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What’s In a Game? Exceptionally Evil Exploiting


After running Power Core last night in DCUO, I’ve had a lot rattling around in my brain.  When that kind of thing happens, I like to take up the virtual pen and write about it, letting you all know what’s up and what I’m thinking about.  As such, this week’s What’s In a Game? segment will revolve around a topic that isn’t a new game.  Today we’re talking about Exploits.

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What’s In a Game? The Secret World


We all knew it would happen eventually, right?  I did say back in the beginning that the majority of games I cover here would be free to play.  Well…this isn’t one of those. It’s got a payment model similar to KingsIsle’s Pay-by-Zone or SOE’s DLC options, though, so it’s not completely out of the ballpark.

tswThe Secret World is an MMORPG in which you join one of three secret organizations (the Templars, Illuminati, or Dragon) to try and save the world from the “Secret War” going on all around us.  After a series of interesting events take place, your character has the ability to see through the veil and has some understanding of what’s really going on.  Oh, and because you’re all probably wondering, the ESRB rating is M for Mature on the grounds of Blood, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Use of Drugs, and Violence.  I want to be perfectly clear here; do not play this game unless you are of the intended age.  These warnings are there for a reason, and I can confirm all of them first hand.

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What’s In a Game? ‘WoW Clones’ Debunked!


wowlogo with qmThis week on What’s In a Game, join me on a journey to learn what people are trying to say (and see how people really sound) when they call a game a “WoW Clone”. You’ll also see why I think calling a game a WoW Clone is disrespectful and more than a bit ignorant.  Things may get a bit bumpy, but just ride it out and hopefully we’ll all make it to the end.  Fair warning, there are a lot of games mentioned that I’m not going into detail over (because I haven’t played some of them, but primarily because this isn’t the place) but I will still provide ESRB ratings.

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What’s In a Game? League of Legends


Some of you might have heard of Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) – a mod for Warcraft III that essentially fathered all modern MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas). This week on What’s In a Game?, I explore what is arguably the most well-known of the MOBAs spawned from DOTA’s popularity. League of Legends.

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